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That’s how gifted and talented students who attend the G·tec experience describe their after-school program. And parents feel the same way. They are energized by their children’s enthusiasm for learning. This application is by invitation only:

Please circle the desired program:
Please circle how you heard about G·tec Kids:
Please list the names and ages of the siblings in the family:
Please list whom we should contact in case of an emergency:

Please enroll in the Gifted & Talented Enrichment Center for the upcoming school year. Tuition can only be refunded by the end of September in the first year of enrollment, pending a decision by either Gtec or the parent as to whether or not the placement is appropriate for my child. I also understand that $150 of the initial deposit is a registration fee and is not refundable. If parents cannot be reached in case of medical emergency, consent is hereby given that the student receives medical and/or surgical care as recommended by physician or hospital. I do hereby assume risks and hazards incidental to participation in Gtec including transportation to and from the center. Carpooling may be required to keep traffic down to a minimum within the private, Brookridge complex. I do hereby waive, release, and absolve the director, staff, and teachers from any claim arising out of injury to my child except to the extent in the amount covered by accident or liability coverage held by the center. I give the center permission to take/use pictures/videos of my child for advertising/web purposes, as well as my child’s work to be posted on the Internet. All links on our Web site ( or our Facebook groups (Gtec & Synergy) are carefully prescreened for content and pictures. Subsequent external links (links appearing on linked Web sites) are not prescreened and may not be appropriate for young viewers. Gtec is not responsible for content beyond the scope of a single link.

Please list the days and times of your choice. If you are in a car pool, be sure to talk to the other parents before writing in the time of your choice:

***Application will be accepted upon receipt of your PayPal transaction or a check