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About G·tec Kids

Amazingly fun! – Challenging! – Exciting!

That’s how gifted and talented students who attend the G·tec experience describe their after-school program. And parents feel the same way. They are energized by their children’s enthusiasm for learning in a stress-free environment where their creative and critical thinking abilities are nourished. Our after-school creative arts and design center for gifted youth integrates history, art, drama, and the sciences where students build, design, create and invent.

For over thirty years, our program in the creative arts and sciences for gifted youth has been captivating children in grades 2 through 6 living in the Scarsdale, Larchmont, New Rochelle, Pelham, Eastchester, and surrounding vicinities in Westchester, NY.

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Discover Our Educational Programs

First- Year After-School Program Gtec Kids

First Year


First year students explore the primitive world of prehistoric life while they create mock fossils and simulate an archaeological dig to learn how such clues help us understand the past.

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Second-Year After-School Program Gtec Kids

Second Year


Students begin their studies of ancient civilizations as they throw a pot on a wheel, imitating the advanced techniques of the ancient Sumerians. They are sent on an imaginary voyage.

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Third-Year After-School Program Gtec Kids

Third Year


Ultimately, the study of human culture leads students to look creatively at futurism as they plan a complex world for the year 3000. Third year students imagine and design a society

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Hunt for artifacts in the ocean

Time Travelers


Time Travelers go back to Mesopotamia, where they learn cuneiform writing and fashion their own tablets, and end the year with the high adventure of a European explorer facing the unknown.

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Program Info & Awards

G·tec provides after-school enrichment for gifted and talented students in grades 2 through 6. Classes average 4 students, so each student receives more personalized attention. Classes are held once a week for one and a half hour sessions.

At G·tec, children are exposed to hands-on, real-life experiences that enhance their innovative and critical thinking. They are challenged with problem-posing and problem-solving, so their cognitive strengths of higher-level thinking are tapped in a stress-free environment with no homework and no test-taking.

The program naturally integrates history, visual arts, science, drama, and computers to enhance academic enrichment. G·tec supplies students with state-of-the-art materials and manipulatives from computers, animation equipment, drafting boards, weaving looms to architectural tables. Some activities include making pottery, building model lungs, simulating an archaeological dig, deciphering the Rosetta Stone, drafting an architectural plan, and designing and filming an animated movie…

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Program Info & Awards Gtec Kids
Gtec Kids Holding Their Arts

For Kids

The “G·tec” name signifies that children’s gifts and talents are explored, developed, and enhanced at our academic enrichment and art center.

We decided to name our website “gtec kids” to honor our most valued clientele: our students. Through the kid’s page and the web quests they find here, children will be motivated to further investigate and supplement what they have experienced in the regular classroom.

Gifted & Talented Enrichment Center = G·tec

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For Parents

Interested families are first requested to visit The G·tec Kids Center before enrolling their child in our academic enrichment and arts program. Please call Dr. Andi Stix at 914-246-2806 or email her at andistix@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.

To be considered for registration, students are required to be entering at least second or third grade for our academic enrichment program.

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Andi Stix Director Gtec Kids

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