Program Info & Awards

G·tec provides semi-private, after-school enrichment for gifted and talented students in grades 2 through 6.  Classes are held once a week for one and a half hour sessions. John and Andi Stix provide instruction.

At G·tec, children are exposed to hands-on, real-life experiences that enhance their innovative and critical thinking, problem posing and problem-solving so their cognitive strengths of higher-level thinking are tapped.

The program naturally integrates history, visual arts, science, and computers in a three-year progressive course of study. G·tec supplies students with state-of-the-art materials and manipulatives from computers, animation equipment, drafting boards, weaving looms to architectural tables. Some activities include making pottery, building model lungs, simulating an archaeological dig, deciphering the Rosetta Stone, drafting an architectural plan, and designing and filming an animated movie..

Your child can enroll in the interdisciplinary course of study for up to three years. If space is available, your child can enter G·tec at any time. To learn more about the curriculum, please click on each link above.

The curriculum has been carefully developed by the director, in consultation with a team of dedicated and respected leaders affiliated with higher learning institutions such as Columbia University, Wayne State University, Pace University, Pratt University, Whitney Museum, New York Botanical Garden, Mystic Life Aquarium, Eastchester High School, and more!

Recognized by nationally renowned educators, artists and scientists, G·tec is the winner of the following awards:

  • National Association of Gifted Children: Outstanding Curriculum Development Award
  • New York State Council for the Social Studies: Program of Excellence Award (2000, 2001, and 2002)
  • Middle States Council for the Social Studies: Program of Excellence Award