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Part 2 of flashcard games

Flashcard Games to Make Memorization Fun #2: Identity Crisis, Mad Libs, and Verbal Fluency

Memorization does not have to be boring! Are you in search of new ideas to make learning vocabulary fun? The good news is that there are plenty of ways to motivate your child so that (s)he can retain keywords and concepts. Below are some fun ideas and games to incorporate while at home.Identity Crisis: Write each vocabulary word on an index card. From the deck of cards, pick a card and tape it to your child’s back. Have him/her...

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Flashcard Games to Make Memorization Fun #1: Carousel Brainstorming, Grab Bag, & Emotional Flashes

Memorization of concepts or vocabulary words can often become boring and take the fun out of learning. It can lead to frustration for students and parents alike. Here are some motivating ways to learn new concepts while still having fun:Carousel Brainstorming: Place each key concept and/or vocabulary word on separate papers around a room in your home. Have your child walk from one paper to another and brainstorm the use of each word. Ask your child to look around...

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