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Heaping Pennies to Teach Group Cohesion

This experiment portrays the idea that group cohesion is stronger than the individual members who form the group.Essential Question: What is group cohesion? What is a team? Guiding Questions: For what reasons do people form groups (substitute teams for groups if you choose)? Generate a list of platforms used where people make connections to form groups. Describe in detail how groups are formed and made. Explain specifically what the group accomplishes. Describe the type of energy needed to fuel the existence of the group. In what...

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Imagery Walk

 The Imagery Walk is an exercise that allows students to visually bring content alive by utilizing their imaginations. It is based on meditative practices but allows for scenes in English Language Arts, historical periods in Social Studies, geometrical designs in mathematics, and procedures in science to be recreated. By implementing this strategy, students are more able to move the content from short-term to long-term memory, because they personally create and interact with the content area. Using a soft, gentle, soothing, and...

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