Welcome to G·tec Kids, “Where Kids Ideas Take Flight!”

Amazingly fun! - Challenging! - Exciting!

That's how gifted and talented students who attend the G·tec experience describe their after school program. And parents feel the same way. They are energized by their children's enthusiasm for learning.

The G·tec Kids gifted program caters to what kids need most: a unique and personalized after-school enrichment environment that challenges talented and gifted children.

For over thirty years, our program in the creative arts and sciences has been captivating children in grades 2 through 6 living in the Scarsdale, Larchmont, New Rochelle, Pelham, Eastchester, and surrounding vicinities in Westchester, NY.

Want to know more about G·tec Kids? Start here or call our Director, Dr. Andi Stix at 914-246-2806. We invite you to join Synergy, Westchester's advocacy for gifted youth and our blog to get the most recent posts and to see how social media is impacting our classrooms.