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“Jonathan and I remark that we’d love to take your classes. Not only are the lessons phenomenally advanced and intricate, the way that you engage the kids in learning them is superb.”

Shea Scanlon Lomma, Cottle, Tuckahoe, 2023

"Thank you so much for all you do to cultivate little minds. We've loved being a part of your program. Zakary has had an amazing experience and I'm sure he will miss Gtec."

Keryn Rose, Pearls School, Yonkers, 2022

“I just wanted to tell you what a success the dulcimer project was. When Nikhil got home last Monday, he played through the entire book. It sounded lovely. I am really impressed by the work they have done. Now Ella is looking forward to doing the same in two years!”

Kerstin Saxina, Quaker Ridge, Scarsdale, 2019

“We know that Claire wishes Gtec was her full-time school… It is great to hear that she is engaged and inspired in your classroom. We are so grateful we found you, Andi. You are a precious part of our lives.”

Lauren Breslow, Heathcote, Scarsdale, 2017

“My daughter loves coming to G·tec and I love it for her. It gives her a chance to think creatively when at school, they don’t always have a chance to do that. Every afternoon when I pick her up at G·tec she has a big old goofy grin on her face because she loves it.”

Kim Benedict, Heathcote, Scarsdale, 2013

“Wednesdays continue to be Caleb’s favorite day of the of the week, thanks to G·tec! Amazing as always! ”

Lori Armstrong, New Rochelle, 2012

“I wanted to tell you how pleased we have been with the G·tec program. Nicole and Jack always looked forward to their classes. Each week when I pick them up, they greet me with smiling faces and they ‘bubble over’ with excitement about what they did in class that day. Thank you for a terrific experience and we are all looking forward to September.”

Vivienne Braun, Scarsdale, 2006

“Jacob can’t wait to attend G·tec. He finds it to be a comfortable, welcoming environment where his mind is expanded with new and exciting things.”

Lee Meiner, New Rochelle, 2004

"Julia loves G·tec so much that when she has a double session as a make-up, she still does not want to leave the fun and excitement of your enriching environment. One month she says she will go into the field of advertising and the next month she wants to become an architect!”

Karen Zimmerman, Larchmont, 2003

“Thank you so much for the chance to be creative and unrushed that Mathew knew was available to him every week at G·tec. He counted on it! It’s been a wonderful addition to his life.” 

Janet and Joe Zuckerman, Scarsdale, 2000

“Gtec has been a wonderful experience for my kid. He loves going there every week. Recently, he chose to go a little late to a birthday party because he didn’t want to miss Gtec Kids!! That’s says it all- He has truly enjoyed learning with you and is sad that this year’s program is coming to an end.”

Sharath Shetty, Heathcote, 2023

"Thank you so much for 4 amazing years at Gtec Kids! You have captured Benji's heart, his imagination, and ignited his intellectual curiosity in a way I did not expect! 'Gtec Day' was always his favorite day and he looked forward to it all week long! Thank you for providing him with such a special and unique experience."

Michelle Miller, Fox Meadow, 2021

“Magnus LOVES Gtec! He is always so excited to go and can’t stop talking about the project they’re working on. Gtec is perfect for him.”

Marcela Tabares, Ward, New Rochelle, 2018

“We were discussing at home what activities kids like doing, and Bora tells me he loves GTEC. Thanks for putting together such a creative class. Obviously, my younger one who is in kindergarten is envious. When can we enroll him?”

Aysu Secman, Heathcote, Scarsdale, 2016

“Thank you, G·tec, for doing what you do so well. This has been a true eye-opening experience for Brian and for all of us.”

Tricia and Dan Danaher, Eastchester, 2012

“As you know, Mollie has never missed a day of classes and Gtec was the one thing during the week that she most looked forward to attending. Gtec provided Mollie with an outlet for her natural curiosity and helped her develop her knowledge and understanding of science, history, law, technology, and so much more. During the last three years, the teachers have been fantastic, the projects interesting, and the environment always warm and welcoming. The G·tec experience is one which allowed Mollie to grow significantly beyond what she received during the day at school.”

Joe Griminger and Amy Doberman, Scarsdale, 2009

“This is the bright spot in Christopher’s week.”

June Besek Farley, Rye, 2005

“Lily is so thrilled and energized about coming to G·tec. What is so exciting to me, as a parent, is how enthusiastic she is about attending. Both she and her friend love learning in your environment where they thrive. It’s even better when it’s a double, make-up session. You are certainly doing something right!”

Laura Sklar, Larchmont, 2004

“G·tec taps into Shaina’s creative spirit, providing her with a unique array of intellectual stimulation and enrichment not to be experienced elsewhere.” 

Sheryl Brady, White Plains, 2003

"Thank you so much for all the fabulous art, science, history, and sociology adventures on which you've taken the kids. They have loved every minute of it! Sky has really blossomed in this setting and I love that you have opened her eyes to all kinds of creative outlets. Thank you for everything."

Beth and Chris Cannistraci, New Rochelle, 2022

“While passing an ice cream truck on the street, Armin refused to stop. He didn’t want to miss a minute of G·tec.”

Behzad Taheripour, Edgemont, 2020

“Drew absolutely adores working with you. I have never seen him so eager to participate in class!”

Tara Kaplan, Heathcote, Scarsdale, 2017

“Zachary comes home after this class always energized and looking forward to the next week. His brother is always jealous that he doesn’t come to class. So, his brother will be coming here in two years and he just can’t wait. We love G·tec and we are excited to go through the system again!”; “Now Jacob comes as well and we couldn’t be happier as it is his favorite part of the week.”

Adam Egelberg, Heathcote, Scarsdale, 2013, 2015

Thank you for such an amazing year. G·tec has inspired Jake to create, think, and nurture his inventiveness. Thanks for making our boy happy!”

Mia Egelberg, New Rochelle, 2012

“We are so fortunate to have found you! G·tec has been a haven for Julia. She has come home each week so enlivened by her experiences. I asked her this morning how she felt about the G·tec year ending and the reply was, ‘a little sad…’ Thank you, Andi, for providing an environment where learning is exciting, dynamic, and fun. We look forward to the years to come!”

Diana Sheehan and Ethan Halm, Mamaroneck, 2007

“When Sam was asked whether or not he would rather go to private school instead of public school, his response was: ‘If I could go to G·tec three times a week, that would be great!’ He just loves G·tec.”

Mark Minter, Pelham, 2004

“Olivia simply adores the program. The challenge, the inquiry-based, interactive learning just suits her. She cannot get enough of learning and G·tec satisfies her appetite.”

Quay Watkins, New Rochelle, 2003

“Coming to G·tec is a highlight of Todd’s week. He is jumping out of the car before I even put it into park. I thought the length of the class after a full day of school and Todd not knowing anyone in the class might be issues, but that hasn’t been the case. He goes in eagerly and comes running out excitedly.” 

Susan Morse, Scarsdale, 2002