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Student Testimonials

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my 3 years at Gtec. Although Gtec is wonderful, the time has come where there seem to be no more years for me, now that I’m graduating. I think back on all the singing, laughing, making things, and overall fun. I grow sad to leave this happy and creative community. Mia (my muppet) sits happily on my shelf and I dream of the magical, Time-Traveling Treehouse that we performed. I will miss you!”

Sky Cannistraci, Webster

“I love G·tec and I want to do it next year! One of my favorite parts was where we pretended to be in court as a judge during Hammurabi’s time because it was fun. I also like the Greek Gods scavenger hunt and working in the woodshop.”

Matthew Steinberg, Scarsdale

“G·tec is fun, intellectually stimulating and awesome. I particularly liked the end of the year simulation. Think about making the sessions longer. G·tec is innovating (the arts), intellectually stimulating (3D perspective drawing), challenging (Leonardo da Vinci) and fun (Exploration). Mom and Dad, you are the best parents ever for sending me here to G·tec. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May I polish your shoes?”

Brian Danaher, Eastchester

“G·tec is the best after-school activity there is! Everything is so much fun and I wish that it was longer. This year, I loved working in the woodshop. This is a fun, educational program where learning is basically playing. Thank youG·tec, I had so much fun that I wish that it didn’t end.”

Lindsay Morgner, Rye

“G·tec is amazingly fun. It encouraged me to think out of the box. I would never have even thought about some things, if G·tec did not exist. G·tec caused my grade in science to go from a “B” to an “A”. It made my stories more exciting and imaginative. I have to say, if you want to have fun and learn at the same time, G·tec is for you!!!!”

Fenizia Maffucci, New Rochelle

“G·tec is a place where we get to make masks, write stories, learn about skeletons, and dissect an owl pellet. G·tec is great because it gives me some cool and weird things to do which are fun. Right now, we are working on my favorite project. We are making a 3-dimensional room.”

Nicole Chandras, Rye Brook

“What I liked the most about G·tec is you move very fast in the progress of doing projects so you never get bored. You get to do a lot of hands-on work and you don’t have to sit and listen for very long…. It is super fun!”

Laney Bagwell, Pelham

“The Time Travelers program is a course where you study a time period. Then you do something like play a game, make art, do a skit or build a temple. I enjoyed the skits, scenarios, and building things. I loved the exploration unit and the Assyrian court a lot. G·tec is one of the best after-school activities I’ve ever had. I will miss it soooooooooooooooooooooo much. Thank you, I want to come back if you ever design a 5th year.”

Teddy Horowitz, Larchmont

“I love G·tec. It is fun and educational, with fun activities and games. It helped me with my science skills and I love science. I can express myself and think out of the box. I’ll always remember doing the Muppets, claymation, flipbook, and working with my company. I’ll remember all of my 3 great teachers and all my friends.”

Mollie Griminger, Scarsdale

“G·tec teaches you things while you are having fun at the same time. It causes you to think hard.”

Shaina Brady, White Plains

“G·tec is really fun. At the moment, we are designing a company. You probably couldn’t do that at most other after-school programs.”

Baye Ceesay, Mount Vernon

“You get to build Greek temples and Roman arch bridges and be as creative as you want. This course is a fun after-school activity where you learn about history in a fun way.”

Dylan Fitzgerald, Harrison

“G·tec is my favorite place to be and I can’t stand the fact that it is over. Thank you, Andi, as this is a great program.”

James Cardosi, Hartsdale

“G·tec is a wonderful experience where I learned while having lots of fun, and not even noticing – from the Assets and Liabilities Game to the Muppetry. The people I’ve met and the time I’ve had here are truly special. The small sized class lets you talk and express your feelings and ideas. The projects are great, and it’s simply a field trip through time! Thank you so much.

Zac Plett, Larchmont

“To me, Friday afternoons are the one time during the week that I just can’t wait to see what Andi has in store for us. Whether it’s starting a business, making a slide show on the computer, or creating a country, whatever we do here at G·tec it is tons of fun.

Lily Goldstein, Mamaroneck

“I like working on the computer and investigating in science. This program gives me a lot of good challenges.”

Sam Minter, Pelham